Chapter I

I was there, the year, 2000, the place…., well… it doesn’t matter, let say, it was my last day there…
Loot of beer, lot of people… but the place was empty… NO!, it wasn’t, I was empty… now I realize it.
All night the beer flow like fog in a winter dawn.
We smoke a lot…, we were… enjoying a lot… but the fantasy always ends.. and from the plain we saw it… we were closer… without warning… one great story was going to begin… For what?, for why?… Forcefully the …. destiny? shows itself… shows a lot of paths…
And then, the darkness of the heart emerge… slowly… unalterable
I have the chance, I choose it… I was… corrupted
Then I was here, Buenos Aires… from the Garden of Eden to the purgatory in a two hours non-stop flight
She faced me, she…he… I don’t know… with a body of a boy, the face of her was so inexpressive.
– Half boy-woman: you don’t know me, but, I can give you anything… you have the power to decide… choose wisely, cause today, you will decide not only your future, you will decide the future of a lot of people…
– Sebas (yes, that my name): I don’t get it… wh… who are you?
I can only talk, all my body, except my mouth, was paralized…
– Half boy-woman: choose now, I don’t have time, so, I’ll give you two paths, the first, is the common path, you will be one more, but, the second, you will have the chance to live a great life…, choose now, choose wisely
– Sebas: in exchange of…?
– Half boy-woman: Excellent, nice question, but, I cannot answer it, cause, you will answer it, when you choose, when you walk that path…so, wich one?
– Sebas: OK, I will take the second path, the great life, so, I supose that I’ll be rich, famous…
– Half boy-woman: NO!!! I only say a great life, never talk about money or… be famous?… just an ilusion… like hope…jajaja….you have choose… farewell…
– Sebas: hey, tell me, who you are…?
But that thing… dissapeared, I take the second path, I don’t understand… what is the second path? I need answers, but I don’t realize that they will come to me when I can deal with them…


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